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Done and Done

Time to check two more items off my 101 list. #51 – Create a Master Packing List. I figured this was a good one to complete since there were a few things I forgot to bring to California. I don’t want to forget anything important next month when we go to Hawaii, so I think this one is all good to […]...continue reading →


Good Things

Some good things to write about this week: 1. Jen’s Beautiful Shower. Some friends and I threw together this shower in a little over a month. Planning things from another country isn’t easy, but we managed to work together- even from a distance and it all came together perfectly. When you’re 17 you go to house parties with kegs and beer […]...continue reading →

More Weddings

  Will the weddings ever end? We’ve been to 3 in the last 3 months, not to mention one we had to miss, plus Jen and James’?coming up later this month!! We had a really fun time at Rob and Monica’s wedding on Friday night! Good fun, good food, good dancing!?Annnnd… I caught the bouquet! First time I’ve caught one since […]...continue reading →

My Life Lately

January and February have gotten off to a good start! I felt like I was in this boredom slump for a few weeks when I got back from California, but then things started happening and I’m feeling better now. Here are a few things I’ve been up to lately. 1. After my Master Cleanse, I have been back to eating normally. […]...continue reading →

SOUP! (and love)

What did I do today? I ATE! I actually ate real food for the first time in almost 11 days. My cleanse ended last night and technically I was only really supposed to have orange juice today, but I had OJ and soup. I couldn’t resist. I made the biggest tastiest pot of wonderful soup and I had some for dinner. […]...continue reading →

She’s Gone

      Ok, maybe she’s not gone forever… just 10 days on her honeymoon… but she is the first of our best friends to get married! Yes that’s right, I’m talking about Shannon Marcee HENDERSON, the first!! The wedding was spectacular, one of the most beautiful that I’ve been to. I’m so fortunate that I was able to share a […]...continue reading →

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