I have until the end of this year to finish my 101 goals.  I know for a fact I won’t accomplish them all but I’m not too worried. The fact that I will complete A LOT of my goals by 12/31/10 is still an achievement to me!  Here’s a little update of a few more things I have finished in the last few months.

#87. Buy a fondue set and use it. Although I did this, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. First of all, the brie in this country doesn’t melt. I don’t know why but the recipes that I made quite easily back in the US just don’t seem to turn out the same here. Secondly, we had to use liquid fuel stuff to light the burner and unfortunately some spilled on my hand and then my hand proceeded to catch on fire. I’m not joking, it was actually up in flames! It also caught the table on fire and now there is a big burn mark on Yorky and Brendan’s table. Luckily my hand is ok. Hurt like hell but no scars! Not surprisingly, I haven’t pulled the fondue pot out since.

#94. Go through my clothes and donate anything I don’t wear. I did this ages ago and I really need to do it again, but since I DID do this at least once, I’m marking it complete.

#9. Go to a yoga class once a month. While I did not go once a month from the beginning of the project, I ended up going to WAY more than the 33 classes I would need to fulfill this goal, so I’m marking it as complete.

#27. Buy cloth grocery bags and decline plastic bags. While I’ve only used them once (I’ve only been shopping once), at least I took the initiative and bought 5 of them. They are much easier to carry as well!

#6. Read 10 books. Not only have I finished this, I’ve almost finished # 103 (Read 10 more books). I won’t go into a full book review on each since  I’ve already blogged about a few but I’ll at least say if  I liked it or not. Here’s a list of the first 10 that I got through.

  • Eat, Pray, Love – great- but i think I liked it so much because I hadn’t read ANY other books in years. Looking back I’ve read way better books since this one. I’d still recommend it.
  • The Last Lecture- Everyone should read this, it’s really short and easy to read and puts your life into perspective
  • Not Without my Sister -Depressing and not too spectacular. Don’t bother.
  • Twilight  – xoxoxo
  • New Moon- Not as good as twilight but still wonderful
  • Eclipse – Even more wonderful
  • Breaking Dawn – Fabulous
  • Body Surfing – Lame, not worth your time.
  • Why we Suck – Super funny and true, I love this kind of humor.
  • The Host – Pretty good, but not as good as the twilight books

I’m looking forward to finishing many more items this year. I know quite a few will be checked off due to some of our wedding festivities so that makes things a bit easier. I have to admit though, having only 1 more year to complete this stuff doesn’t seem like nearly enough time!

3 thoughts on “1 Year Left”

  1. Well done with all the accomplishments, Elsja! Definitely some great things to be proud of.

    FYI, if you haven’t heard of it already, goodreads.com is a great online book community…I’ve gotten great ideas for new novels to read from it. Thought I’d pass the resource along to a fellow book lover 🙂

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