So this is the 1 year mark of the start of my 101 in 1001 days goal list. If you don’t know what I’m talking about… Read MY LIST. So seeing as how one year has passed, I thought I’d give a little update on where I am with my list and where I’m going. Some of my goals have been a big success, some little successes and some just flat out need to be changed. I don’t feel right just changing my goals midway; however, it’s already evident that I just will not be accomplishing some that required consistent monthly work. So I’ve decided that rather than letting those spots go to waste for things I cannot achieve, I’ll cross them off, donate $5 to charity for each one I’ve failed at and add some new ones. Note to self: monthly goals are NOT easy to keep up with!

So what HAVE I accomplished?

  • 4. Get a massage with Andrew
  • 5. Create a “101 things that  make me happy” list
  • 6. Read 10 books. Technically I’ve got a few hundred pages of my 9th book- but that will be finished this month so I’m marking that off as done! Haven’t blogged about this yet, so this will count as my blog post for this goal. Here’s a list of the books I read: Eat Pray Love, The Last Lecture, Not Without my Sister, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Body Surfing, Why We Suck, The Host.
  • 13. Complete a list of 20 tasks I’ve already accomplished that I am proud of
  • 23. Get in touch with someone I haven’t talked to in years
  • 25. Plant a chili pepper plant (I’ve done this twice now)
  • 31. Research presidential candidates
  • 32. Vote in the 2008 election
  • 33. Do the Harbour Bridge climb
  • 40. Go kayaking
  • 45. Add 3 new board games to our collection
  • 46. Watch the fireworks over Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve
  • 48. Save at least $5000- here’s another one I haven’t blogged about, because I didn’t realized I reached this goal until compiling this list! woohoo!
  • 51. Create a master “packing list”
  • 56. Fly business class
  • 62. Take a Spanish class
  • 69. Clean out all the old stuff I don’t want from my itunes (although I should probably do this again)
  • 72. Buy a Wii
  • 73. Buy new pillows for the bed
  • 74. Buy a dehumidifier to help alleviate mold/allergy problems
  • 80. Write down my recipe for chili
  • 84. Make Sangria
  • 87. Buy a “how-to” cooking book and read it cover to cover
  • 90. Become a resident in Australia
  • 94. Go through old clothes and donate things I don’t wear (another thing I never blogged about… so consider it blogged)!
  • 99. Buy a filing system and organize all paperwork
  • 100. Create a special calendar to track all my tasks

Here are the ones I’ll be changing and donating to charity for.

  • 16. Write at least 1 email to friends/family each month. Ok, so I WAS doing this and I was doing it well! But I hardly ever got responses back. It’s pretty hard to stay motivated to write to people EVERY month when I don’t get much response. So this one is going away.
  • 17. Talk to my niece and nephew on the webcam once per month. It’s sad because I do want to do this- but I realize my goals cant really be dependent on other people’s schedules. It’s hard to find a good time to talk to the kids let alone to schedule a call with them on the computer.
  • 36. Go on at least one planned date each month with Andrew. This one is just too hard to track. We go out to dinner and stuff, but I wouldn’t always call it a date. We don’t really plan “dates” that often, so sadly, this one is going.
  • 68. Read the Aussie citizenship book a few times. This I just have no interest in. At least not now. I’m not even eligible for citizenship for at least 4 years- so I’ll think about this later.
  • 91. Get an Aussie driver’s license. This one is just not possible. I either have to be a permanent resident or I have to be in the country 6 months (without leaving). Seeing as how I go home often, it looks like I won’t be able to get a license for a long time!
  • 97. Buy fresh flowers once a month. Like number 16, this one started out well but just fizzled from there. I still want to do this, but I won’t freak if I don’t- so this one is getting replaced!

So that’s 30 bucks that I need to donate to charity and 6 more goals that I need to come up with fairly quickly. Oh, and I’m still looking for people to help me reach #11- get 5 people to create a list. I think I only know of 2 or 3 that did initially… so let me know if you do!

3 thoughts on “1 Year of 101”

  1. Wow this is really a great idea!!! Makes me wonder why everyone is not doing this. You can defiantly count me in as one.


  2. List looks great! It’s wonderful to have written goals and to have people keep you accountable to them. I’m cruising the internet looking for more goals for my next list. I stole a few. Keep up the good work!

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