Total completed goals: 70

Proudest achievement

To be honest, there isn’t just one goal that I’m most proud of. #90. Become a resident in Australia is a pretty big one but it doesn’t actually make me feel the proudest because although it was a pain in the ass, it wasn’t a challenge for myself. While #28. Donate blood seems easy enough, this was actually way tougher for me. After a traumatic experience donating blood years ago, this is a goal I really did not think I’d ever get around to doing. The fact that I got off my butt and made the appointment makes me feel pretty good.

Most useful goal accomplished

#51. Create a master packing list to use on future trips. I’ve used this list SO many times over the last 1001 days, it is very helpful. Also I have to include #6. Read 10 books. Because of this goal, I got back into reading- something I had not done in a long time. Now I always have a book by my bed.

Biggest disappointment

There are a few but my biggest disappointment is pretty silly because it should have been so easy- #1. Drink at least 1 litre of water per day for a month. I just couldn’t keep up with it on the weekends.

A missed goal I’ll definitely add to my next list (yes, there will be another)

#105. Plan 3 special dates for Andrew and I. This should have been easy as well but it was only added a few months ago and with all the wedding chaos and then the holidays, it just didn’t happen.

A goal I don’t care about anymore

#52. Hike to Machu Pichu. I decided this actually sounds miserable since I absolutely hate climbing massive hills.

Most difficult goal I achieved

#92. Drive by myself in the city and/or to and from the airport. This may seem minor to most of you but I’m paranoid to drive here… STILL. I only just drove myself to the airport for the first time last week and I was nervous the entire way. My fear does not stem from being on the other side of the road- I’m definitely used to that by now. The reason I panic is because I’m ALWAYS afraid I’ll get lost. Even with GPS I still manage to get turned around and a trip that should take 20 minutes usually takes me 40.

Most difficult goal I didn’t achieve

#40. Go without alcohol for 1 month. There is ALWAYS some party or big event every month that I want to enjoy. This one should have been easier but I guess I just don’t want to give up wine for an entire month. I suppose I’ll have to wait until I’m pregnant one day in the far far future- then I’ll finally be forced to ditch the drinks.

What I’ll leave off of my next list

#95. Blog about each of my tasks as I complete them. Not every goal is worthy of a blog and being forced to write about each one was just a burden. I only want to write about the cool ones.

Goal that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

#29. Find 3 charities that mean something to me and donate to them once per year. This one was easy to achieve and even giving a little each year makes me feel good. This is something I can easily keep up in years to come.

Missed goal that I was THIS CLOSE to achieving

#38. Learn to scuba dive. I actually paid for the course, I just haven’t done it yet but I plan to soon.

Biggest thing I learned about making goals

Goals that require a weekly or monthly effort are definitely the hardest to achieve. One off goals or yearly goals are much easier.

What’s next

I’ll start coming up with another 101 goals to achieve. I’ll aim to get it started in April. Anyone have any suggestions for me

5 thoughts on “101 Highlights”

  1. *Turns on appalling, non-existent grammar*

    Well done babe, you did good.

    *Turns off appalling, non-existent grammar*

    *Turns on proper English*

    Well done babe, you did well.

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