101 Things that Make me Happy

Well I’ve FINALLY completed #5 on my 101 list… and here it is:


A clean house
A warm bed on a cold night 
Achieving goals 
Air conditioning
Andrew’s accent
Being in love
Being loved by my niece and nephews
Business class
Cheese platters
Christmas (decorations, smells, foods, presents, family)
Clearing out my inbox
Completing a painting
Costa rica
Counseling people
Creating the perfect playlist
Cute scarves
Donating to a good cause
Eye masks to keep out the light
Favorite TV shows
Finding brown and lime/olive green stuff for our apartment
Finding new music on itunes
Finding the perfect outfit
Fresh flowers
Fruity frozen cocktails poolside in the summer
Fun 80s music on a night out
Fun, happy love songs 
Getting good morning/good night texts from Andrew when I am away
Getting my hair done
Getting rid of old junk and clutter that I don’t need anymore 
Giving people presents that they really like 
Going out to eat
Good concerts
Having a close, loving family 
Having an empty seat next to me on an airplane 
Having people you can really trust and depend on
Hugs and kisses from Andrew 
Hugs and kisses from Preston and Emma 
Knowing the answers to trivia questions
Learning new things
Learning spanish
Lightning storms
Losing weight
Love letters
Making a meal and watching others enjoy it 
Making lists 
Massages and back scratches 
My dog emmi (RIP)
My little herb garden
My nap dream blanket 
My paintings from around the world
No traffic 
Our organized wine/alcohol bar
Pay day 
Paying off debt
Peace and quiet
Playing games
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Romantic comedies
Ruban Bleu tea
Sitting in front of a warm fireplace
Sitting on our balcony and talking to Andrew on a warm evening 
Skinny mirrors 
Sleeping in
Staff travel 
Summer BBQs
Swimming pools
Taking cool pictures
Teaching someone about something they didn’t know
Thai food
The cold side of a pillow 
The funny things kids say
The Internet
The Twilight book series
Twinkle lights & candles
Unexpected mail
Vanilla malts
Waking up too early and realizing I have lots more time to sleep
Watching stars on a clear night, shooting stars are a bonus
Wellness formula it keeps me healthy
When a good song comes on the radio or my ipod
Wii (specifically WiiFit and WiiSports)

Yoga and lastly, Finishing this list almost a year after starting it. yeah I lag!

3 thoughts on “101 Things that Make me Happy”

  1. Great list. I just recently did a list of 100 things that make me happy and I thoroughly enjoyed putting my list together. I love reading other people’s lists like this though! It makes me realise other things that I like and gives me ideas of things I haven’t done or tried before. 🙂

  2. I love your list!!! There are so many things on your list that would be on my list too! And just thinking about all the things that makes me happy makes me pretty happy. 🙂

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