When you leave your home, even for a short time- you think of the things you will miss… favorite restaurants, boyfriends/girlfriends, pets, your own comfy bed…

But when you are leaving for good… you REALLY start to think about things you’ll miss. Things you never really even thought about. Sure I always realized I’d miss my friends and family, my dog, mexican food, dr. pepper, Thanksgiving,  etc. But I thought about it today and realized… in 11 days I’ll also have to say goodbye to:

KROQ (and all the other radio stations I listen to), driving, jello pudding snacks, my treo, my housekeeper, parking lots (although I have thought about this one a  lot), my own closet, the gym, TV shows when they actually come out (yeah, I’ll be way behind all of you this season), my family doctor who has taken care of me since I was 5, Sephora, online shopping (i guess it’s not that easy in Aus), fat-free cream cheese (I don’t even eat this that much, but I hate the fact that if I want to one day… I won’t be able to), my hair stylist/eyebrow waxer and nail salon (looks like I’ll be beautifying every 3 months when I come home). Ok Ok that’s enough for now.

On the other hand… I will not miss:

my $100 texting bills (well maybe it’s cheaper than calling????), sitting in traffic after work every day, Orange County freaks of nature, oh I could go on and on; but lets talk about happier things.


Well, this is a happy topic to SOME people, not necessarily me- but I’d like to say congrats to the 3 people I know who had babies in the last 5 days! (and that makes 4 people in 2 weeks if you include little Nelson).

  • One of our web developers at work had a baby on the 8th… MY birthday! What a special girl! Welcome little Elizabeth!
  • Daryl and Cindee had their little sweet pea, Brooklynn Hope Sakaguchi on 9/11/07. Yay for more little girls.
  • And finally, yesterday (well it was the 13th in Australia already) Andrew’s cousin Benn and his wife Tanya welcomed their first baby, Amelia into the world.

So many girls this week! And this week FLEW by! I can’t believe my party was almost a week ago! Only a little more than 1 to go.

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