A Few More Pics and My Morning Alarm

From the weekend… these all are related to my last post- so read that first 🙂

One of the views from our walk on Saturday

?Sydney week 1 035 (Small).jpg

This is the beach that we ended up on at the end of our walk

Sydney week 1 041 (Small).jpg

The chef at work on the 2nd course

Sydney week 1 069 (Small).jpg

Dinner with Andrew’s?family?(minus his dad the chef)- From left to right- Me, Veronica (Paul’s girfriend), Ben?(Andrew’s brother), Carmen (Emma’s Mum), Emma (Andrew’s sister), Simon and?Paul (Andrew’s other brothers), Andrew

Sydney week 1 066 (Small).jpg

And lastly….

Here is what wakes me up every morning.?I found a video so you can all feel my pain! You can’t see it- but you can hear it! It’s called a Kookaburra. It’s a little bird that sounds more like a devilish monkey to me. Shannon– I think this is worse than your stupid crows! Maybe I need a super soaker too!

Get this video and more at MySpace.com


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