June 2006

Women Vocab as Defined by Men

I’ve seen this before… but I saw it again today and I think it is pretty funny, mostly because it is pretty accurate ๐Ÿ™‚ FINE This is the word women …

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Where did all my hobbies go?

Not that I ever had many hobbies to begin with, but last year, I had a moment of hobby hope. A brief moment where I thought I may add something …

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I love my boyfriend

Because he plays games like “The Secret Girl Dress Up Game” with me on MSN messenger. SEE… ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s the best boyfriend ever! My girl is on the left. He …

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Road Trip

Well, kinda. Today Nicole and I went on a tiny road trip, a little journey, a mini quest. We were just trying to get to Shannon’s bridal shower/party thingy. We …

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AIM?? I just don’t get it!

Last night (during our regular MSN chatting), Andrew and I typed back and forth as we had the webcam going and an exciting game of checkers (I lost… but not …

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Oh My Dear Friends, it’s Been so Long

Dear Chris Wolstenholme, Matthew Bellamy and Domic Howard, Oh my dear friends, it has been far too long. Almost a year and a half to be exact. How could you …

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