July 2006

New bloggy blog

I got a new blog. Yay. Cooler than this one, but kinda more difficult- so it may look retarded and bare for a few days. I was going to repost …

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Hi welcome to my new and hopefully improved blog

I have nothing to say yet because I’m still trying this all out!

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Today at work a 6 year old asked me if I was another kid’s grandma. GRANDMA??? Like a mom, ok that’s possible. I mean I know adults all look old …

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Our Palm Springs Weekend

So the girls and I headed out to PS this weekend for a fun-filled, sun-filled and drinky-filled weekend. It was the 5 of us: Jen, Nicole, Alison, and Shannon. Oh, …

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Weiners Anyone??

Anyone feel like a BBQ?? Of course, we’ll need someone to supply the weiners! But I’ll bring the buns! HAHAHAHA

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Conversation About Beer with my Aussie

Please pay special attention to the 5th statement made in this conversation. Andrew says: coronas are so expensive here Andrew says: and we dont have corona light Elsja says: 🙁 …

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