August 2006


I got it. Who wants it? Well, maybe you already have it but if not… let me know. I can’t say I really enjoy it much because it’s mostly R&B …

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Devil Birds… Part 2

My appologies to you Mr. Kookaburra bird. I know I was very mean in saying you sound like a devilish monkey. I mean, you do have a very interesting sound, …

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Edamame Update

Just went to the Asian super-market and bought this entire pound of soybeans for $2.90. Beats the 10 measly beans we got yesterday for $5.00. I’m a lot happier now.

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Another Weekend Gone

Ok I know I still have 2 1/2 more weekends left but it’s kinda sad that another has come and passed. At least it was a good one though right? Here’s a …

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Date Day

Andrew got home yesterday from work pretty early and I was in a good mood! Then I got in a bad mood when he told me some bad news about …

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A Few More Pics and My Morning Alarm

From the weekend… these all are related to my last post- so read that first 🙂 One of the views from our walk on Saturday ? This is the beach …

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