August 2006

I’m Heeeeere

So I got here FINALLY after my plane was delayed almost 3 hours. I was supposed to leave at 11:50 but we didnt take off until almost 2:45am. Seriously- a 15 …

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Ciao Peeps!

I’m leaving in 8 hours for Sydney! Just saying bye to you all one last time 🙂 I hope the next 5 weeks in California are fabulous for you all. …

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SERIOUSLY??? The Day Before I Leave???

Let me just clarify something… No… I am not freaking out because I think my plane will be bombed. I am angry that I now have to wait in lines …

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Snakes on a Plane

  Sooooo I’ve heard rumors about this movie called “Snakes on a Plane.” Its supposed to be this ultra cheesy movie… so cheesy that it’s good. I can’t really remember much …

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Wedding Shower Bliss

Today was the day… the day we had ALLLL been waiting for. The wedding shower of Miss Shannon Marcee Saenz, the first. (Soon to be Shannon Marcee Henderson, the first)! …

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I’m a Blog Lagger

Geez I’m so boring lately with my blog… but I just really haven’t done anything this week that is worth writing about (other than Nicole’s yummy birthday dinner at Tantalum– …

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