September 2006


Does anyone know why all my album artwork shows up on itunes but only SOME of it shows up on my ipod?? I know its set to update because some …

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My Furry Friend

He’s still lurking up there… the creature in my attic. I hadn’t heard him in a few days so I thought his life was doomed and it probably came to …

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Fun Fun.

Jen did it so I copied her! I did one of these years ago but I can’t remember who all my people were so I tried it again. I tried a few …

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2 minutes left

Of my sister’s birthday!!! Happy 33rd birthday to Bronwen!! 🙂 One more year down.

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What is It?

Never in my life have I heard noises coming from the attic. I always kind of wanted to in a way… thought it may help me believe in ghosts. Anyways… …

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A Good End to a Hard Week

Well it’s not the weekend yet for me… but it is for my wonderful boyfriend who had a rough week 🙁 It was just one of those weeks full of stress and crap …

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