September 2006

Jet Lag

Why is my Jet Lag so horrible this time?? Ok, I guess i know why it’s bad, but still… it’s miserable. It’s like being really, really sick, but without being …

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Why is there even a requirement to bring a workout towel to the gym? It is ALWAYS the men who are pouring out sweat from every inch of their body who …

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Back to Reality

Well I may have slept in until noon today (cut me some slack I couldn’t fall asleep til after 4am because of jet lag)…but tonight I still got off my butt …

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A Few More Things

Amidst my sadness, I did find out something wonderful tonight! Grey’s Anatomy starts this week and LOST starts next week. I HAD NO IDEA! They came back so quickly (because …

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Home Again

They say “home is where the heart is” which is mostly true, but in my situation right now, I feel like my heart is on the other side of the …

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Sept 17th

is the crappiest day ever. I’m going home now and I’m sad. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. I hate leaving the person I love and not knowing when Ill …

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