November 2006

Even Better Online Shopping

***Updated*** So someone named Bruce posted a comment suggesting Im not really choosy but I just think people should sign up for one of these. Seriously- it’s free and I know people …

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Bad News Just Got A Lot Worse

Well, unfortunately the news about my brother-in-law did not get better throughout the day. In fact, it got a lot worse. Brett was diagnosed today with stage 4 pancreatic cancer …

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When It Rains, It Pours.

This week is like hospital/birthday nightmare week in my family. First it was baby Gianna giving us all a scare on her and Trevor’s birthday and now it’s my brother-in-law, Brett …

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The Weekend

Well, I’ve been pretty lazy lately so I haven’t done anything too spectacular or exciting. Thanksgiving was nice. It was spent at the Seemann house and it was a smaller …

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Emma the Rhino

  Kids are cute Emma the Rhino Add to My Profile | More Videos

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New Music Tuesday

I was searching through itunes to find all the cool new music that came out today. You will all be thrilled to know that I found this:       …

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