November 2006

I Can’t Believe It!

After 3 months, my love Andrew finally updated his blog. What an exciting day.

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Happy Birthday Jen

Happy 26th birthday to my BFF Jen!! She has finally joined the rest of us on the downhill fall to 30!! So unlike our mean friend Shannon, I will post …

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Near Tragedy

Last night I opened itunes to add some new music I got from Jen and I freaked… where was my music?? There was no music. My itunes was completely empty. …

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Random Things About my Week

1. I paid off my credit card!! YAY!! I haven’t been debt free from credit cards since I started grad-school in 2004. Well now, they are finally paid off. Sure …

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Sad Day, Happy Week

Well the time had to come. My boyfriend had to go home, but I’m still happy because he did stay an extra 3 days longer than he was supposed to …

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