March 2007

Chilli Lime Poo

Last night, Andrew and I went to dinner at a restaurant up the road called “Chilli Lime Too” which we have appropriately renamed “Chilli Lime Poo.” Here’s a synapsis of …

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I’m Alive

In regards to my last post… particularly the part where I say ” It looks pretty sunny right now so hopefully the weather report was wrong.” – yeah… well, actually the weather …

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A Fun Few Days

The last few days here in Sydney have been really fun 🙂 We took advantage of the nice weather and Andrew’s days off. Thursday we went to the Wildlife World and …

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Happy 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday to my sweet little tootse Emma! March 19th, 2007 I can’t believe you are 4 years old!! I’m missing you on your birthday but I’m thinking of you …

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Here are a few fun, not so fun, scary and gross things that have happened over the last few days here in Australia. First the Fun: 1. Andrew took me on …

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One Week Down

Well I’ve officially been here exactly a week now. I can’t decide if the week went by fast or slow. I think it’s weird to think I’ve been here that …

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