May 2007

Music Makes all the Difference

So I finally put some new music on my ipod… not tons, but about 5-6 songs that I could add to my gymjam playlist. Seriously, I was so bored at …

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My First Officer

Well it’s official… so now I can finally blog about it 🙂 Andrew got offered a job with Qantaslink (Eastern Airlines). Real passengers, real flight attendants, real airport security, real …

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The Ground is Shaking

I think I am the only one who felt it. I thought I was losing it. I was peeing and I felt a little shaking… enough to make me stop …

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Whatever Shall I do?

All my shows are over. 🙁 boohoo… Last week and this week I am saying goodbye to the following shows…                       …

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To lighten the mood after my last depressing post…

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Saddest Thing Ever

I can’t even imagine how horrible this would be. Crash on I-5 in Mission Viejo takes family’s three kids Big-rig that slammed into their minivan couldn’t stop in time. By …

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