June 2007

Website Madness

Go to this site:  ISLANDS RESTAURANTS Study it… remember it… listen to the annoying neverending wave sound effects…enjoy it while you can, because on Sunday- it will be GONE! Replaced …

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My Painting of Brett

I couldn’t show it until my sister Jan saw it, but it arrived to her in Texas today so now I can post it for everyone to see.  I’m usually …

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My Artsy Weekend

I pretty much spent most of Friday night and some of Saturday just painting. Let me remind everyone, I am not an artist… other than some rocking chairs for my …

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Miss Me

When I was in Texas, I sent Andrew a text that said: “It’s so cute here… they call everyone “miss”… Miss Jan, Miss Tammy, Miss Jackie” His response was: “That’s …

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A Sad, but Good Weekend

I just got back today from spending a long weekend in Clearlake Shores, Texas for the memorial of my brother-in-law, Brett. Before I left, people kept saying “have a good …

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Emma Sings “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

On our way to the airport yesterday Emma decided to start singing for about 30 minutes. She kept trying to sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game but she …

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