July 2007

Happy Birthday to my Oldest Friend

Well not the OLDDDDDDDDDDDDEST but she is quite old these days! Nicole is 28!!! TWOOOOOOO EIGHT. TOOOOOOOOOOO OLD! hehehe Happy Birthday!!

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Again?? Really??

Long but funny. Many of you know the story of my creepy neighbor that hits on me at the gym. Well, for those of you who don’t- I have this …

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Wine Charms

I’m finally posting some pics. I still don’t love them, but they were my first, well technically 2nd attempt at making cute wine charms. I still don’t think I’ve found …

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So What do You Think of Me?

I’m just curious…. I saw Jill do one of these and thought it looked cool. Take 2 minutes to do it- it’s fun 🙂 Elsja’s Johari Window To see my results …

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It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane…

Yes, actually it really is a plane. And guess who’s inside that plane??? That’s RIGHT! Andrew! Do you see him??? See… right there… there he is! He’s sitting in the …

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Yup, that’s right. Tonight… I started packing. Well, Kinda. Ok so my mom and I really just organized a few things into one box. But that one box is my first of …

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