July 2007

Mission Accomplished

I’ve been searching and searching for a wine bar/cabinet for MONTHS now. Literally months! I’ve found a few that are decent, but they are all cheaply made, or small, or …

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1 More Thing

Congrats to Deanna and Mike who had their sweet little baby on 07/17/07. I haven’t actually seen her to know that she is sweet, but pretty much all babies are …

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It’s Been Too Long

Since I posted. Ok maybe not, but it’s been too long without my dear computer. You see, Tuesday morning I handed over my laptop to Emanuel who I work with so …

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Posh Rules!

I don’t really care for reality shows at all… that’s Jen’s forte! And I’ve never even cared for Victoria Beckham (a.k.a. posh spice). She never smiles, blah blah… I don’t …

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Crafty McCrafterson Update

So it looks like my crafty skills require a bit of practice. I probably should stick to painting but I really want to be crafty too! I finally got a chance …

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I Need a Cocktail

A timeline of my life for the last day:  13 hours: amount of time the alarm on my phone kept going off all by itself. 20 minutes: amount of time I spent attempting …

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