September 2007

Shaking All Over the World

At around 4:30 am, I was jolted awake by some shaking- it was a pretty big jolt too! Since this woke me from my peaceful sleep, it scared me way …

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Self Portrait

I found this picture the other day. It’s pretty much the coolest self portrait ever: And what’s even cooler is that I’ve met the guy lucky enough to take this picture, …

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Another Year Older

Last night I had a wonderful time at by 27th birthday/going away party. I’m so thankful for all my friends and family who came out to celebrate with me. It …

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Changing of the Seasons

So the sad news is, there are only roughly 16 days left of summer. Boo… here comes autumn… blah blah blah (and P.S. this weekend was the first time I even went …

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Happy Birthday Carter and Nelson!

I’d like to say happy 2nd birthday today to my youngest nephew, Carter. Such a sweet baby- although I hear that he’s starting to show signs of the terrible twos…. …

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