November 2007

Baking Madness

Andrew and I thoroughly enjoyed the pumpkin muffins I made- as you can see here (I know we don’t look like we are enjoying them… but those are just grumpy …

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In Loving Memory

November 28th, 2007 would have been Brett Bailey’s 39th birthday. Ironically and sadly, this day also marks the one year anniversary of the day Brett was diagnosed with Cancer. My …

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Sunburn… Day 3

I would post pictures- but, they are a little too revealing for the web… Just letting you all know that I’m almost out of my second bottle of aloe. Granted, …

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Happy Times, Sad Times

I’m mixing up the whole “love/ (don’t) love” blog with my new rendition… Happy Times, Sad Times Happy Times: Walking to Balmoral Beach from my apartment is a pretty happy …

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What’s Happening to Me?

A list of some of the things I’ve done this week in my new life as a real adult: 1. Vacuumed. Nothing so special here- except the fact that I …

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I Love the Internet

Maybe I’m just slow- but I just discovered igoogle. This is the best thing ever!!! I’ve always kinda wished there was something like this and now there is- in fact, …

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