December 2007

More Fun Summer Weather

From Ninemsn: ? Hail?stones “bigger than golf balls” pummelled Sydney this afternoon as a violent thunderstorm swept across the city’s western and northern suburbs, injuring at least 30 people. The …

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There are no words to describe. It’s really just so romantic, sweet and beautiful.

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Poor Amanda. She’s right, I gave everyone a happy birthday?blog except her. I don’t know why I didn’t. Maybe because?I saw her REQUEST for a blog on Jen’s site and …

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I’m Confused

Huh??? I don’t get it. But you know what we?DOOOO get?? CABLE Finally got some?cable today after not having any for a month. Too bad it doesn’t work on my …

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A New Obsession??

I think it’s true… I have a new obsession. Cooking. I’ve always been obsessed with food- that was just obvious. But lately I’ve found myself actually preferring to eat in …

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Happy Happy Birthday

To my dear friend Shannon Marcee Henderson, the first. I do hope you have/had a lovely day in California. I’m thinking of you down here on the bottom of the …

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