January 2008

Could it be ANY Louder?

I’m sitting here in my apartment trying to work and I am about to go insane! Our apartment is exceptionally loud. We face a smallish street, but little did we …

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A Little Story

There were 4 boys (who shall remain nameless)?going away for a bachelor party weekend?(aka “buck’s weekend). These 4 boys are part of a larger group of boys but these 4 …

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SOUP! (and love)

What did I do today? I ATE! I actually ate real food for the first time in almost 11 days. My cleanse ended last night and technically I was only …

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96 Hours

Do you know what hasn’t happened in 96 hours? Food has not passed my lips in 96 hours. Yes that’s right, I haven’t eaten in 96 hours! I’m on day …

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Master Cleanse

So for some weird reason, I decided to do this cleanse. New year… clean out my body… blah blah. I’ve known people who have done it and they feel GREAT …

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I’m Back

I’m too lazy to blog right now, but I wanted to let everyone know that I made it back safely to Sydney. So, instead of re-writing everything, here’s an edited …

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