October 2008

Halloween Down Under

Halloween is so different in Australia. Only a few select areas even have kids who trick or treat. Most of Andrew’s friends weren’t allowed to dress up for candy as …

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I Voted… I think

#31- Research presidential candidates and policies #32- Vote in the?2008 election Done and done. Ok… so I probably didn’t do AS much reseach as I should have, but I did …

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Applying for Residency

**See update at bottom of post** I’m applying for Australian temporary residency today! Woohoo. Temporary residency means I can stay here for 2 years, work and get medicare. Then after …

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Palin as President

Ok… whether or not you like Sarah Palin… this is still pretty damn funny. Try opening and closing the door a few times! PALIN AS PRESIDENT I am going to …

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#99 Buy a Filing System and Organize all Paperwork

DONE! All papers that have been flying around our house in different piles and boxes are now all in one nice neat box. I love organizing. That’s all. Boring blog.

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And Now for Some Google Searches

This is always a fun game… For the last week, the top Google searches that lead people to my blog are: 4. 2008 NRL Grand Final Pre Game – boring… …

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