November 2008

Bouquet Toss Nightmare

So last night started off great! We were at the wedding of Bec and Olly, it was beautiful, the wine was flowing, the food was delcious.? Everyone was having a …

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Happy Thanksgiving

Things I am thankful for at this moment in time: 1. My family and friends. I miss them tons but I am so lucky to have them all healthy and …

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I Got Tagged

Wow… I never get tagged. Sure I get the massive amounts of forwarded emails asking me to fill out surveys left and right, but never (that I know of) has …

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creamy tortilla soup

Easy Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup

I don’t think I’ve ever shared my  favourite personally created recipe with you all. It’s not too hard to call it my favourite because I’ve really only ever created about …

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Doing My Part

It’s November and that means a few things:   1. It is Pancreatic cancer awareness month 2. It is the month of my brother-in-law, Brett’s birthday. 3. Ironically, Brett’s birthday …

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Some People are so Unaware

So… my buzzer on my buidling buzzed and i just pushed the button without asking who it was. I do this by relfex because typically the only time it buzzes …

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