January 2009

My World

So it’s officially one month until my parents come!!! It will be nice to have someone from home come here to see the life Andrew and I have set up …

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It’s a Little Hot

So when I went home to California, I was greeted first by a chill in the January winter air and then by a good ol’ fashioned California earthquake. The weather …

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It’s Been Too Long

So a long time ago, Jen created a blog called “Love/Don’t Love.” So, some of us have followed suit with our own editions of that particular theme at various times in …

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It’s nice to be back in Calirfornia… but it’s weird. I was welcomed by chilly weather, fog and an earthquake last night! After being in 90 degree heat and bathing …

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So I was right… my balance… BAD. My center of gravity is totally skewed well to the right, surprise surprise. Guess that happens when you stop using your left foot.?So …

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Back to the Grind

I’ve been cleared to go to the gym! Yay… I think. Should I be excited to get back to doing something that I hate? Really… I hate the gym! I …

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