March 2009


Goodbye Summer

  It’s official… well, technically it’s been official since the beginning of March- but today it really felt like the start of Autumn. Actually, it felt like winter but whatever. …

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Weekend Updates

Here are a few updates from my weekend: 1. My drive to Glebe was successful and my new Garmin GPS was very helpful. I must admit- it helped that I …

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The Next Step

I’ve finally decided to take the next big step in ex-pat living. It’s been a year and a half exactly (tomorrow) since I moved to Australia and so I do …

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Dear Neighbors

Dear Neighbors, Yes, I’m talking to the two of you who like to have loud, raunchy sex at night. I realize that your identities still remain a mystery- yet I …

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American Food Makes me Happy

Almost exactly one year ago, I was looking forward to going home to visit family and friends and I was also looking forward to trying this place out –The Counter. …

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Happy Birthday Tootse!

I want to say a special happy birthday to my precious little 6 year old niece, Emma. I miss her beautiful little face, her amazing intelligence and her spunky attitude! …

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