May 2009

Lovely Balls Made from Cake

I always love a good reason to bake something. Well since we have a birthday party/wine night tomorrow, I thought this might be the perfect time to bust out my …

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And now for the tale of Andrew’s revenge. It’s not really that great, and I’ve probably built it up over the last few days… but the truth is- I was …

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Sunday Movie Day

On Sunday we spent the day at Andrew’s dad’s house watching movies.  Are you looking for some feel good movies to watch this week  Well, these are NOT what you …

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A Taste of India

Andrew and I joined a few of his friends on Friday night at an Indian restaurant in Crows Nest called Cumin. I was very skeptical to try this place since …

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More to Come

3 movies and 1 new restaurant this weekend mean that I actually have some stuff to blog about… but not tonight. Bed is calling more than my computer at the …

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Dear Neighbors, Part 2

Dear Neighbors, No… not you two… I’m talking to the ones upstairs who speak in some language I cannot decipher. I am really getting sick of your late night chats …

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