January 2010

Airplanes for Dummies

In case you need some explanation… ?

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A Perfect Day

The sun was nice enough to peep out from behind the clouds for just one day this week.  Of all the days for the sun to make an appearance, Tuesday …

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Wedding Update

With just over 7 months to go, I think we are in pretty good shape with the wedding planning. In all reality, I think I’m way ahead of where some …

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Happy Things

Because I have nothing else to write about, I’m writing about things that make me happy this week. Picnics by the beach with Andrew on Sunny Sundays. Wedding planning- how …

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Aussie-ism Slips of the Tongue

  I’ve definitely picked up some Aussie-isms since moving here over 2 years ago. I think them in my head quite often, but I don’t usually speak them out loud. …

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1 Year Left

I have until the end of this year to finish my 101 goals.  I know for a fact I won’t accomplish them all but I’m not too worried. The fact …

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