June 2010

Wedding Update

I’ve been busy in the last few weeks! Let’s catch you up on all the things I’ve been doing, shall we? Tonight Andrew and I finalized our vows and reading …

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Coolest Proposal Ever

Ok… so Andrew was sweet and romantic when he proposed- but this guy gets props for what I think is the absolute coolest proposal ever!!

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Airplane Food

Did anyone see last night’s episode of Masterchef? The one where they cooked for Qantas? I just have to say… are those judges kidding with their criticism? Alan Joyce actually …

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Eno Pizzeria

If you weren’t already aware, Neutral Bay has been opening up lots of new snazzy, delicious restaurants lately. First it was Firefly awhile back and lately on Grosvenor Street, more …

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My Fun Weekend

I’ve been very busy this last week, could you tell? On top of my regular job, I’ve been working lots of hours at my side job and I’ll be heading …

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