July 2010


Masterchef… oh how I will miss thee. You brought joy and happiness to my life 6 nights a week. SIX nights! You inspired me to perfect my pizza dough and …

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The Countdown

12 days until I take off for California 19 days until my bridal shower 31 days until my bachelorette cruise to Ensendada 40 days until I marry the best guy …

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The Stress is Setting In

With only 47 days until the wedding, I am starting feel the stress. The weird thing is- it’s not really WEDDING stress, I just have stress and anxiety about about …

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Stache on a Stick

Can someone please explain the stache on a stick phenomena? I don’t get it. Props and costumes I get… but why the paper mustaches on sticks? How did this become …

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Trips and Lists and Updates

I’ve finished off a few more of my 101 goals which is great because I’ve just reached the point where I only have 6 months left. #19: Make a “Things …

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