September 2010

Social Media Education

In an effort to increase my knowledge base and enhance my technological skills,I am turning to the Internet to increase what I know about social media. I am fully aware …

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Shipping to Australia

And this, my friends, is why I will never in my life ship something from Old Navy (or any shop for that matter) to our place in Australia.

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The Most Ridiculous Product Ever Invented

Ok… maybe not EVER invented but let me tell you all about a new product that I just absolutely do not understand. Before I do, I’d like us all to …

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An Aussie Boy and an American Girl

Here we are. An American and an Aussie… all good and married. Our wedding was simply amazing. It was small enough to feel intimate while being large enough to feel …

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Wedding Blogs

In case anyone is interested, our wedding has been featured on a few blogs. 🙂 First we have our fabulous photographer’s blog- Mark Brook Photography. They did such a GREAT …

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Wedding Pre-Party

When I traveled to Amanda and Stephen’s wedding back in February, they hosted a little pre-wedding get-together before the actual big day. After attending the little shindig, I decided it …

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