September 2012


It isn’t really the end…

I’ve decided to make a bold statement. I’ve decided my D Diet is complete. I know I said there was no official end to it (I still believe that) and …

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80 days

80 Days

Recently I wrote about how I’ve been struggling to stay on track with this diet. Not because I give into cravings, but because initially it was affecting my sanity. I …

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Tefal Soup & Co.

A few weeks ago I entered a competition on the Harris Farm Facebook page to win a Tefal Soup & Co. soup maker. This Soup & Co. is basically a blender …

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A Kiwi for a Kiwi

  Everyone knows I love a good contest. Oh, you didn’t know? We’ll I’ll share more about that in an upcoming blog but for now I want to share about …

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Perks and Pitfalls of Being Married to a Pilot

Tonight I came home from work tired, stressed and dreading another day in the office. Work has just been insane lately and while much of it is enjoyable and even …

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Stranger Things Have Happened

Some interesting things happened this week and since I have nothing better to write about, I thought I’d share these oddities with you all. 1. I know 7 people who …

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