Happy Indepedence day all you peeps of America. Its about 11:30pm on the good ol’ 4th of July. I’m a bit drunky but not tons. Just a bit. I’ll share with you my 4th in pictures.

1st we hung out in HB

Then we went to Newport (gag, I hate newport- but it actually wasn’t too bad!)

Then we went back to Huntington and watched fireworks.

Then my mom picked me up and took us home. And THEN, I had some banana pudding… mmmmm babe…. bananas, your fave 🙂 (too bad I don’t have pics of this. Maybe I’ll take some tomorrow).

I guess it was a pretty fun day, not anything crazy or spectacular, but just good times with friends. And thanks to Kym and my mom – our chauffeurs for the evening.

Now I am off to bed. I think earlier than any night this last week because I won’t be staying up all night talking to my luuuuvvva . Where is my boyfriend?? Are you flying my dearest? Don’t crash please.

Good night my American patriotic friends. See you all soon. Maybe.

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