Some good things to write about this week:

1. Jen’s Beautiful Shower. Some friends and I threw together this shower in a little over a month. Planning things from another country isn’t easy, but we managed to work together- even from a distance and it all came together perfectly. When you’re 17 you go to house parties with kegs and beer bongs… when you’re 27 you go to parties like these…


shower 3.jpg


2. Jen’s Engagement Party. Again, planned from the other side of the world, and yet it was a complete success. I think everyone had fun learning to give lap dances and spin on a pole šŸ™‚ And even more fun eating our delish din din and drinking yummy cocktails and wine at Landmark Steakhouse… and let’s not forget the dancing!

Ā party2.jpg


3. My Online Billpay was restored. I had to open another Bank Of America account last week since Citibank sucks ass. I used to have a B of A account until I closed it and changed to CB before I moved in Sept. Well, yesterday I go online so I can re-add all my linked accounts to billpay. I actually have the same login info as before, which I thought was pretty convenient, but when I went to add my billpay accounts the site said I did not have an account that could be used with billpay. So I was annoyed and called customer service. She said “let me do some maintenance on the account and it should be active in up to 8-24 hours.” Well 5 minutes later, I logged on and it was active. NOT ONLY was it active, but all my old accounts were already linked up and I didn’t have to add anything!!! That saved me about an hour of time and it was SUPER convenient. I really hope this new account works easier in Australia than my shittybank account.

3 thoughts on “Good Things”

  1. Looks like you’re having a blast!! I did a pole dancing class here in Sydney for a hen’s night once- it was awesome! My body hurt for days though!

  2. those are cute pics of your friends and you. looks like you had a great time. I didn’t see any wedding pics though. I’m a Cinderella for weddings. what was it like? romantic and dreamy????? LOL šŸ™‚ have a nice flight “home”

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