Best Night in a Long Time!

As you all know from my last post I went to see Muse  for a 2nd time on Friday with Nicole, Adrian and Sara. As Adrian (who never even listened to Muse before Friday) would say:

BBE!!!! (best band ever)

Seriously, everything the show was lacking on Wednesday at the Greek was just back in full effect on Friday. I don’t even really miss the cool keyboard as much anymore. Although the venue (Soma) was WAYYYY too hot (see our before and after pics below) it was still a way better place to see them than the Greek. The crowd was more energized, it wasn’t overly crowded and the darkness of the indoor venue made the lights and effects soooo much cooler than the outdoor venue. Back to the heat…notice the picture on the right. I think it was Jen who asked me “was that sweat or did you guys put water on yourself?” Umm… that was ALLLLL sweat baby. My glistening cheeks, Sara’s wet bangs… allllll sweat. Pretty right?

7-06 Muse San Diego 019 (Small).jpg7-06 Muse San Diego 046 (Small).jpg












Here are some other shot’s from the show… I don’t have Nicole or Adrian’s pics yet (and they are good) so I may add some when I get them. OOOO then I would have 3 blogs about Muse and Andrew would REALLLLLY love me even more!! I just still can’t describe how good they are live. You have to see them to understand.


7-06 Muse San Diego 034 (Small).jpg7-06 Muse San Diego 044 (Small).jpg












After the show we all went to a bar in PB (oh, after we drove back to the hotel so Nicole could re-blow dry and straighten her hair). The bar was pretty fun and a cool 80s band rocked the house. They sounded so good that I didn’t even realize they were still playing after 30 minutes. I thought they had gone back to a DJ because their songs sounded exactly like the real ones!

Thanks to Adrian for providing the laughs for the weekend… who knew you could be so witty?? I don’t think poor Sara (aka Cornhole) necessarily appreciates all your humor… but it kept Nicole and I laughing for hours!! I will just recap the funniest moment of the night.





A crowded Denny’s at 2:00am. Nicole, Sara and I sitting at a booth in the back of the restaurant looking at our menu’s. Adrian enters with 4 roses.


 Adrian: (yelling to Sara from front of the restaurant to our booth in the back) “I’m Sorry I cheated on you!!! I’m so sorry. But the other girl does that one thing with her tounge that you’ll never do!!!”

People in restaurant started staring and laughing

Me: (with my face down hiding in the menu) “Please stop please stop. I’m hungry and we’re gonna get kicked out. I don’t want to get kicked out. I’m hungry.”


Sara- Looked embarrassed

Adrian: “I was going to wear a condom but then it was too hot, so I just poked holes in it for air conditioning. It was like the concert tonight, it just needed some air.”

People in restaurant (including staff) – still laughing and still watching.

Me: (while cracking up) “Please stop, please stop I’m hungry I dont want to get kicked out.”

Evidently, the staff found it pretty funny becasue we never did get kicked out and I did get to eat my grilled cheese. And the entire restaurant had a few laughs in the mean time 🙂

Here’s a pic of us with our roses after the madness died down.


It was such a fun night. We all had such a great time. I hope Muse comes back sooner this time so we don’t have to wait almost 2 years to do it all again 🙂

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