7 Wonders of My World- this week

While some of these are obvious facts of life, they never cease to amaze me. Here’s a list of 7 wonders of my world from the last week.

1. Flowers. How does something so beautiful and fragrant turn into something that smells like a dead rotting carcass after only a week. I had some flowers in a vase and they weren’t even all dead yet, I was simply going to change the water. When I pulled them out of the vase, I gagged. The smell was so revolting that there would be no water changing that day! I had to just throw them out. I was really torn though, they weren’t dead. I could have at least another few days of their beauty if I just stuck them back in the vase! I couldn’t do it… I couldn’t handle the chance that I might walk by one day and get a whiff of that rotting pig farm stench. So what did I do? I took the bag of stank flowers down to the trash and then walked across the street and bought some more. Now I have beauty and sweet fragrance once again.

2. Cleaning. Last week I did a deep clean of the apartment. I cleaned everything from the fridge to the toilet to my drawers of clothes. I dusted the wood blinds and all the furniture, vacuumed, windexed. I scrubbed the shower doors with soap scum remover. I felt really happy. This place was sparkling…. for a day. I just don’t understand how something so clean can get dirty so quickly! I’m looking around at crumbs on the floor and dust on the TV stand and it’s so frustrating. All that hard work last week and now I’m about to go do it all again! Why can’t things just stay clean?

3. Shopping in Australia. Now I know this is a constant wonder and I’m sure it will never cease. Between the $3.00 limes last week and the $30 lavender plant that I saw (and didn’t buy, thank you very much), I am just bewildered. How do things here cost so much? (P.S. I did find a lavender plant for $12 so that was much better). As Andrew would say, “we just get screwed here.” I have to agree. We do. Our latest challenge is finding a small, cheap patio table. Just a little bistro table with a couple of chairs. There are thousands of apartments in this city with balconies, surely it should be easy to find such a table. But nope, it’s not. Not… At… All.. Our last resort is ikea. We’re hoping good ol’ Ikea will come through for us.

4. Cults. Yes, I said cults. I’m reading a book right now titled, “Not Without my Sister” and let me just remind you all how CRAZY and messed up some people can be. The story is told by 3 sisters who explain the years of abuse and neglect they faced as members of “The Family.”?I can’t even believe I just found an official website for this crazy group of nutjobs when I did my google search. I feel so?sad?for the?people who get sucked up into this nonsense. Why can’t they just join normal religious groups??

5. Cherry Vodka. This is a good wonder of my world. My amazement here stems from the fact that somehow, Skyy has managed to make vodka taste SO DAMN GOOD. How is it possible??My concoction of cherry vodka, lemonade and real lemonade was way too delish. For the Americans?out there, I’ll?translate-?that is cherry vodka, sprite and crystal light lemonade.

6. Australian Idol. I’m just going to say it… Australian Idol sucks compared to American Idol. The people in the top 12 here wouldn’t even make it through the second round in the US. Do people just sing better in North America?

7. Andrew’s roster. Over the next 4 weeks, Andrew is scheduled to work as many hours as I work in one week (and remember, I don’t even work full time). I think he literally is scheduled for 7 days of work or something. So if he doesn’t get called in on his reserve days- he will have a WHOLE lot of free time on his hands!

I wonder what?this week will bring?

4 thoughts on “7 Wonders of My World- this week”

  1. well, it seems to be the consensus on our pilots having alot of time off this month! I just keep sending mine out to run errands. Last week he would ask about watching a football game with so and so, I said YES every time, so he either thinks he has the best wife in the world, or I am cheating on him. He would never dream, that I just want my alone time I am so used to having! Anyway, I dont know about the singers there, but I could so listen to that austrailian accent all day long, mate!

  2. i’m all about the cherry vodka, that sounds delish!

    as for the flowers – how nasty is that water? i want to DIE when i smell it. i always buy fresh flowers on sunday and make sure to change the water and cut the stems every other day. they last forever and never stink. just make sure you cut off MOST OF THE STEM THAT WAS IN THE WATER. they’ll get short, but just adjust the vase.

  3. I’m with you on Australian Idol. One could think that the difference in population size could explain it but Canadian Idol also has better singers… Puzzling. Couldn’t stand Aussie Idol. The dead bleached animal on Andrew G’s head bugs me.

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