Recently I wrote about how I’ve been struggling to stay on track with this diet. Not because I give into cravings, but because initially it was affecting my sanity. I didn’t know if it was really worth it to keep going. Well, I decided to stick to it and now I am officially 80 days into this diet. I don’t really consider myself being 80 days  in since I’ve had so many days off. In fact according to my food journal I’ve “cheated” 23 days. That’s a lot of cheating. Some of those days were big events like weddings,our anniversary, my birthday. Some were when I was away from home and could not cook for myself and some were when I’ve known in advance that we’ve had something utterly delicious coming up that I couldn’t deprive myself of. Nearly all days off were planned so only a handful involved genuine moments of weakness. In fact there have been quite a few dinners out, engagement parties and other nights with friends where my willpower held strong and I just watched everyone else eat all the deep fried Camembert, dips, dumplings, noodles, thai food, wine and desserts that I was missing out on. I guess I shouldn’t give myself too hard of a time. So now after 2 1/2 months of this D diet what have I learned?

1. Quinoa is not bad. In fact I don’t even mind my breakfast of quinoa, buckwheat, mung bean sprouts, fibre blend and chia seeds. Sounds like crap right? It looks like rabbit food but somehow I don’t mind it.

2. You really can acquire a taste for something even if you don’t like it at first. I didn’t really love mung bean sprouts two months ago and now I really like them. I previously detested dry green salad and now I can tolerate it.

3. Eating processed food out of jars and boxes freaks me out now and I’m much more anal about reading ingredients. I even made my own flour tortillas a few weeks ago because I didn’t want to eat the ones full of preservatives. Go me!

4. I love cooking new things that I never would have even thought of trying before.

5. I can live without dairy (for a few weeks at a time at least… don’t think I can ever fully give up cheese).

6. People say after you don’t have sugar for awhile you will no longer miss it. That is complete bullshit and I still crave sugar all the time. Even at the beginning of my diet when I was doing my best I still longed for chocolate- something I don’t normally crave.

7. I miss eating dinner with my husband.

And now for the biggy….

8. I should have sought professional guidance and support throughout this process. There, I said it. Yes, I was too poor (i.e. stingy) to pay a nutritionist to walk me through something I figured I could do on my own. I relied heavily on Google when doing my elimination diet research and unfortunately there are so many different opinions out there that all it has done is confuse me more. When I get to the point where I can add a new food back in, I’m so confused as to the best way to do it that I end up postponing it or probably doing it incorrectly. Also, with all my weird symptoms like blotchy hands and inflamed ribs, I really do wonder if this diet is causing me issues or if it’s just some weird coincidence. Looking back, it would have definitely been easier to have someone telling me exactly what to do, when to do it and how to track it all. Alas, I’ve done it on my own and I think I’ve done pretty well all things considered.


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