#87- Complete… Cooking Basics

#87. Buy a “how-to” cooking book and read it cover to cover.Cooking.png


I bought this book while I was in California and I just finished up all of the “how-to” sections. I really really like this book and highly recommend it. It has a?recipe section, but the first half of the book has tons of information on really basic cooking techniques and tips and tricks. From boiling pasta, frying chicken, herbs & spices (usage, storage,?etc.), how long to roast meats, how to chop, boil and steam veggies, etc.

Sounds pretty basic, but it is a really good reference just to have on hand- even for people who cook a lot already. The lady that helped write this is the lady?from?www.startcooking.com?and Start cooking blog– a site that I wrote about on a past blog.

I love the?site and now I have a handy dandy reference at my fingertips as well.??I’m actually interested to look up other “how-to” books by these authors. For now though, I will stick to my “Spanish for Dummies” that Andrew’s friend? graciously let me borrow!

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