Do you know what hasn’t happened in 96 hours? Food has not passed my lips in 96 hours. Yes that’s right, I haven’t eaten in 96 hours! I’m on day 4 of the Master Cleanse. While it’s not easy at all, it’s also not AS hard as I thought it would be. I’m never hungry physically- although I definitely WISH I could eat! I am looking forward to Saturday night because it will be the end of day 6 and I will officially be halfway through. OMG 6 days to go.

I am REALLY looking forward to next Friday because that will be the day I can officially “eat” even though I just get soup broth. I’m looking forward to making my own veggie soup for the first time ever. It will be soooo delish! And I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to net Sunday because then I can actually eat REAL FOOD.

I have a list of things I am craving immensly…



chips and salsa

Thai food

I really could care less about sugary food like candy and cookies. I just want salt, garlic, and some spice! I really plan on eating pretty healthy the first few days to get my body back in tune with actually eating solid foods… but I think in a couple weeks I’ll scarf down an entire pizza. I can’t wait. I can’t wait.

This better be worth it! I better feel a whole heck of a lot healthier at the end. I guess the worst case scenario is that I feel the same, but mentally I’ll be VERY proud that I stuck it out. It will be a big sense of accomplishment to know that I CAN do it- even when I used to think there was no way in HELL!

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