So the last few days were filled with some boredom and frustration. Boredom because I’m home alone with little to do when Andrew works and frustration that things weren’t working like they should. My Skype phone number/account was locked for almost 5 days and I couldnt make or receive any calls. I’ve had to drive 30 minutes to go to 1 particular ATM to try to withdraw money. It’s worth it to drive all that way 4 times when you would otherwise be charged almost 60 bucks in conversion fees if you don’t. It WOULD be cool if the ATMS all worked though and actually let me get out my money when I want it (hence 4 trips for 2 withdraws). And… not to mention the CRAP Target. Target in this country SUCKS. So sad.

ANNNNYWAYS… clearly I could go on and on about these crap things.. but this is a better day blog.

Today several good things happened. Andrew is on an overnight flight (left at 10am) and I haven’t even been bored more than 5 minutes. Here is why:

1. I worked ’til about noon and then talked to my dad, mom and brother-in-law.

2. I went to Woolies and bought food for lunch

3. I went for a walk down to the cool cheapish shop I found the other day. I’ts about 2.4 miles round trip so it took awhile. Anyways, I bought a cool over the shower-door caddy thing. While this may not seem very exciting- it probably is the most exciting thing to happen to me in the last few days.

Here’s the thing… our new bathroom is TINY and only has one small cabinet and a mini little shelf that stuff will surely fall off of all the time (as you can see in the photo). I was really stressed about where things like my facewash, face lotion and Andrew’s shave lotion, etc. would go. I don’t want to have to bend down and open that under-sink cabinet every time I wash my face…that would be WAY too much work. So, I bought this hanging thing that will go here:


This seriously relieves a lot of stress. Clearly it’s the little things in life that make me so happy and I love that I am so brilliant to realize I could just hang the thing OUTSIDE of the shower and it would solve all of my problems.

4. I came home and found a new friend on my nerdy website that I discovered yesterday. Well, she found me actually and we talked for a long time online. Anyways, I now have plans to hang out with a girl named Julia. She and her husband moved here from San Francisco and they both work from home for an American company (like me). Kinda sad that I have to find friends on the internet… but hey- I found my boyfriend on the internet and that has worked out superbly so I might as well meet some girl friends as well!

5. Lastly- I got yummy Bow Thai. And while it is probably one of the worst batches I’ve had, it still was delicious! You can’t go too wrong at Bow Thai.

6. I saw a long news story about Costco coming to Australia next June. That would be phenomenal. Seriously. I just hope they come to Sydney.

7. Now I’m watching my new favorite game show, Temptation. I’m really good and I think I could definitely win some money if they let me on as a contestant.

I’ll miss Andrew tonight but he’ll be home tomorrow around noon and then doesn’t work again until Saturday morning.

Yay for a better day!

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