Until my parents get here!! They arrive tomorrow morning around 11:45am (that’s 4:45pm for you in California). Captain Hancock… hehe… is picking them up from the airport since he’ll be there already finishing work. Convenient, right? Since they connect in Brisbaine, they will have already gone through customs and all that cruddy stuff, AND since you can still go to the gates without a boarding pass in this country Andrew will get to meet them right when they get off the plane. Woohoo. I’m looking forward to showing them around Sydney and getting to spend some time with them here on our turf.

I really hope the birdies come visit while they are here. Birdies haven’t been back in a couple of days. Maybe they found better food somewhere else. Who knows? I still never named them. I decided to just call them boy birdy and girl birdy (or just “birdies”) for short. I can hear them out there in the trees… or maybe it is their friends- but I wish they would come back. Even though they have pretty much ruined our table by peeing their birdy pee onto it.

So what all will we be doing while mom and dad are here Ā I’ll start a list… anyone else have any suggestions?

  • Visit the Rocks
  • Tour of the Opera House
  • Walk around Darling Harbour
  • Go to Wildlife world
  • BBQ @ Andrew’s mum’s house
  • Dinner with Andrew’s dad in the city
  • Go to Manly
  • Centrepoint tower
  • Maybe Taronga Zoo??
  • Breakfast at Balmoral Beach

14 thoughts on “A Few More Hours”

  1. In Manly try the fish in a box place – turn right from the corso just before the church and go left again on the next street (parallel to the corso)
    walk up about a block and you come to a cute little square full of restaurants (that locals go to!)
    there is a restaurant in the back left corner that does AMAZING fresh fish on top of salad that they serve in a wooden box

    Also – don’t forget to do the Manly to Shelly beach walk – so beautiful!!!

    Have fun šŸ™‚

  2. hey elsja..
    have fun with your parents! just thought i would add some suggestions to your list of things my dad and sister enjoyed whilst here (or wanted to do but we didn’t have the chance):

    – definately go to taronga zoo. it’s a lovely day trip and excellent views of sydney. (just bring a picnic or eat before or after)

    – when they arrive they might like the hop on hop off double decker bus? that way you can see heaps of sites at a good price and easy travel. or get a travel ten pass for unlimited travel on all transport.

    -or maybe a harbour cruise? or at least take a ferry when you go to manly.

    – what about doing a bridge climb? it’s pricey so another option would be walking the bridge and going to the pylon lookout.

    – shopping! (all around the CBD and oxford st) and head to chinatown also to paddy’s for cheap souvineers. and the markets and boutique shops in paddington on saturday.

    – and you can always do a day at the beach or a picnic in the botanical gardens.

    – if you do centerpoint tower i’d recommend heading up to the revolving restaurant for drinks. great view and you don’t have to have dinner. (you have to have to dress nice and wear heels though i think)

    – another restaurant for a great view is cafe sydney on the terrace. they do jazz on the terrace for lunch on sundays. this is where we got married šŸ™‚

    those are just suggestions.. i’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time! have fun! xx

  3. I know you’re not an Eastern Suburbs girl šŸ˜‰ but I suggest the Bondi to Coogee walk (or even just Bondi to Bronte if the full length is too far)- it’s really so beautiful!!! If you start in Coogee or Bronte, ending with a drink at Bondi Icebergs is lovely!!!

    And I second Amy’s Cafe Sydney suggestion- love that place! Great view.

  4. When they came, my parents raved about the highest level of the QVB with the little exhibit (go figure!) and they bought a weekly travel pass and took every single ferry routes. That was their highlight.
    Other suggestions:
    – ferry to Watsons Bay, walk along the cliff to Mackenzie lighthouse
    – views from George Heights
    – Paddy’s fruit and veg market, if only to witness the madness!
    – someone already suggested it but the Bondi-Coogee walk is a must-see
    – All the tourists I took to the Fish Market tour loved it. Only if your parents are more fish-prone than you though…

  5. I would say Taronga Zoo for sure! And if you do end up doing the Watsons Bay ferry please email me, I live right off one of the stops, I’d love to meet up for coffee.

    What about Hunter Valley Wine tour?
    Or a day to Blue Mountains?
    And how do you not have Bondi Beach on there??

  6. I know I left another post the other day, but I don’t know where it went? Deleted? Hmm? But anyway if you are up for getting out of Sydney a bit, I suggest the Grand Pacific Drive from Wollongong south. Stop into Kiama and Berry along the way. Take them (or just mom) for a high tea at The Observatory to The Victoria Room. Take them on a Tall Ship Cruise on the harbour. Hyde Park Barracks for a bit of history. An AFL match or maybe NRL if they are here through the next week when it kicks off. Take them barefoot lawn bowling. Harry’s Cafe de Wheels for a meat pie. Newport Arms for lunch and views over Pittwater. I’ve done a whole blog post on it, but those were a few in particular I thought they might like. Enjoy your time!

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