The last few days here in Sydney have been really fun ūüôā We took advantage of the nice weather and Andrew’s days off.

Thursday we went to the Wildlife World¬†and Aquarium down in Darling Harbor. Andrew had free passes which saved us $120, but in all reality, we just wouldnt have gone without the passes. Luckily we did though because i found my new favorite animal. A thorny devil (first I thought it was Horny Devil so you can imagine what I came across when I tried to google him). This was the cutest thing ive ever seen. He was so tiny and he walked funny. You really have to see one in real life to appreciate it. I looked up online to see whether or not you could have these as pets. I think since ALL they eat is ants- (and they can eat thousands)- it probably means I couldnt keep him in a box in my house. I just don’t want that many ants hanging around. Oh well.

3-07 Australia 010 (Small).jpg

Unfortunately, I did see a few animals I DIDN’T like.¬†One¬†being those fabulous¬†Huntsman¬†Spider that I talked about in my last post below. It was probably almost as big as my hand.¬†The guy telling us about the spiders said, “they are venomous… but they don’t kill you. The only reason people die from these spiders is because they crash their cars when they see one run across their windshield.” Great.

The aquarium was pretty cool too. They had thes ENORMOUS sting ray things. seriously they looked AT LEAST 6 feet wide/long. I wouldn’t want to come across one of those in the ocean.


Yeseterday was really great too. We went over to Andrew’s friend John’s house. He has an amazing million story house… ok maybe like 5 stories… who knows. Anyways, it’s huge and overlooks the water. Such a nice view.¬†See…

 3-07 Australia 032 (Small).jpg

¬†We had ourselves a¬†little BBQ and then headed out on his boat. We went to this little secluded beach which was only about a 10 minute boat ride. The group of us hung out on the sand, drank some beers¬†and got a little tan (or burn in my case). After about an hour we headed back… dropped some of the people off at the house and then went back out so Andrew, John, Mike and John’s friend could wakeboard. I just watched.

Here are a few pics from our day:

3-07 Australia 036 (Small).jpg

3-07 Australia 048 (Small).jpg


Tonight should be nice as well. Andrew has to work, but I get to go with him. He is flying some tourists up to the Hunter Valley (wine country) for a scenic tour and then wine tasting and dinner. I get to tag along. Only problem is that Andrew said there are supposed to be¬†thunderstorms right when we¬†take off. That should be quite fun.¬†Flying in clouds and rain in a little plane and listening to thunder while we fly doesn’t sound scary at all. It looks pretty sunny right now so¬†hopefully the weather report was¬†wrong. ¬†I’ll let you know how it goes.

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