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I love the 4th of July! It’s just a nice summery, warm day filled with BBQs, friends, family, drinks, fireworks, water fun…

I spent the day with my family at my sister’s. Some of her neighbors and friends stopped by as well and we had a nice bbq- great food (that I didn’t enjoy as much as possible due to a crappy stomach ache). Oh well…it was nice enjoying the hot sun and relaxing in the kiddie pool with Preston and Emma. 

When the sun went down, the fireworks came out and so did the entire neighborhood! My sister has a little grassy area next to her house that backs up to a clear wall and there is a great view of Orange County for all to see. Crowds always gather in that area to get a view of all the firework shows- but it seemed that there was an unusally large group last night. SOOOO many families showed up. Someone even brought a portable movie projector to entertain the kids! Trevor entertained the gathering crowd with his slew of illegal fireworks.

The most interesting part of the night came when we headed into Bronwen’s back yard for our own personal private viewing of all of Orange County’s firework shows. All our friends and family cruised to the back of the house… and then so did some random kids, and some random adults. No one even knew who they were. Trevor even was nice enough to offer one of the random ladies a drink and she was so picky that she told him “I’d rather have a cocktail than a beer.” Then, when he told her they just had beer… she asked “what kind?” 

UMMM… WHO are you lady and WHO even invited you? Weirdos. My sister’s neighborhood is full of them!

Here are some pics from the day/night.

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And my favorite picture of the day, taken at the neighborhood BBQ/Party


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