Well it’s not the weekend yet for me… but it is for my wonderful boyfriend who had a rough week 🙁 It was just one of those weeks full of stress and crap and it sucks that I couldn’t be there to be supportive and I couldn’t be there for him to come home to and hug at the end of a long day. It’s especially hard because I have had a rough week as well just being home and jet lagged etc. But today was a much better day for him so it was a good, or at least more positive end to a somewhat cruddy week. I hope next week will be even better for him and I hope I will finally get rid of the headache that I’ve had since Sunday (yes, since SUNDAY…see my home again and jet lag posts!!!)

I’d also like to say:

1. Congrats to Jen for putting her 1st offer on a new home! I hope she gets it 🙂

2. I can’t believe Shannon is getting married 3 weeks from Saturday! Holy crap!!! I’m so excited for her! Um maybe I should think about getting my dress altered some time soon. 🙂 Oh… and that means Vegas is in 2 weeks! Bridesmaids better bring strapless bathing suits- can’t have massive tan lines in our dresses!!!

3. Grey’s Anatomy was wonderful tonight although I’m really frustrated that they still didn’t answer THE major question that they left us hanging with at the end of last season!  UGH! Gay.  I also started to watch Six Degrees… which started off looking pretty good- but I had to drive home so I recorded the rest on tivo. I can’t wait for LOST to start next week! I swear, I forgot what it was like to be hooked on shows in Australia because I mostly just watched The Simpson’s and movies on Showtime! Even if I wanted to watch shows there I couldn’t cause they are all behind where we are at! I guess that’s one thing good about the U.S… we get the good TV earlier than other countries!! Oooo that means Desperate Housewives starts too and I can spoil it for Andrew 😉

4. Happy early birthday to my sister who will be turning 33 on Saturday!!

Ok off to bed now! Wish me luck… seriously- lately when it comes to sleeping- I NEED LUCK!!

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