So at what point in our lives do we officially become adults? More specifically, when is it that we start having adult parties? I remember high school parties… some one’s parents were out of town and word would spread about the party through phone calls and pager messages. We’d all show up, cram into the backyard and stand around on wet grass while trying to avoid falling in the pool. We’d grab the infamous red plastic cup and go straight for the keg where we would pour ourselves a big cupful of nasty cheap beer. There were no finger foods or munchies and if there was music it might be rap, reggae or punk.  Someone would be doing a keg stand in one corner, a beer bong in another corner, smoking pot in the 3rd corner and a fight might break out in the 4th corner. Looking back, these parties sound miserable… but we had the time of our lives!

So when did I go from enjoying such parties to looking back on them with disdain? Really…when did I get so old?

The party we went to this weekend was pretty much the complete opposite of the crazy high school party. It was at a nice apartment overlooking Sydney Harbour. Guests were actually invited, not texted randomly by people who just heard about it through the grapevine. There were no plastic red cups, but there were about 45 -50 wine and champagne tasting glasses. The keg full of cheap beer was missing, instead we had a table full of nice wine including champagne, whites, reds and dessert wines. There was a table full of homemade finger foods including grilled onion tarts, fig and goats cheese wrapped with prosciutto, gruyere, onion and garlic pizza squares, pesto stuffed cherry tomatoes, a gourmet cheese board and a few different dips. Instead of doing keg stands, Alex (the host and birthday boy) lead a delightful night of wine tasting. Each person brought one nice bottle of wine. We each had to bring a different type and we all started off on champagne and worked our way through the wines one by one starting with the lightest and most mellow and moving up to the heavy reds and finishing off with the dessert wines. Speaking of dessert we also enjoyed a WONDERFUL lemon tart that went very well with the botrytis semillon as well as my cake balls and some macaroons that were better with the heavier port. It was great to really compare the wines and enjoy tasting the differences in all the varieties. Drinking wine in this way is so much more fun than drinking one type all night.



I guess there comes a time in our lives when we do grow up and or idea of fun totally changes, but honestly?I don’t think that’s a bad thing. We just evolve and learn to appreciate things that we never could when we were younger. Like wine, champagne and onions… all of which I detested at one stage but now thoroughly enjoy!

Cheers to adult wine parties which are so much better than teenage keg parties!

7 thoughts on “A Grown up Kind of Fun”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time and that place looks amazing! Although I do agree that the days of kegstands and parents being out of town were some of the best memories of high school parties!

  2. Hi Elsja — I arrived here via other expat blogs that have linked to you 🙂 I just recently moved to Sydney and have been exploring. I really hope I can settle in great and enjoy Australia as much as you guys do.

    The only ‘major’ place I’ve shopped was at the Sydney Airport (great finds and prices, btw) but I plan to explore soon, I hope.

    Anyway, yeah I do understand the way you feel about parties. After awhile, the beer and the thumping music gets old, and you just want to spend some quality time with people who matter. So you’re not alone in thinking that way 🙂 And yeah…I guess we *are* getting old. But that’s a good thing, right?

    Take care and I’ll check back on your blog often!


    1. Haha thanks MC… I didn’t know how to spell it and I googled it- and petritis came up with tons of entries, so I figured it must be right.

  3. It’s very strange how it just sort of “happens.” I know I am COMPLETELY appalled when the guys get drunk, strip down to nothing, jump in the pool at 2:00AM and then decide to make burgers – naked. Oh wait, never mind. =)

  4. Hey Elsja!

    Sounds like you had a blast! For one I can relate to how fun changes – a few years ago I was still all about staying out all night and drinking til the sun came up, but these days I get pissy when the guy accross the street turns his stereo up to loud. How did your cake balls go over? They sounded really good so I headed over to Bakerella and got the recipe. They are yummy but very rich. Thanks for posting that!

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