Everyone knows I love a good contest. Oh, you didn’t know? We’ll I’ll share more about that in an upcoming blog but for now I want to share about one particular contest I just entered. Why am I telling you about this? Well, because I need your help to win. Yes, selfish I know.

No but really, I’ve entered the Stories Beat Stuff contest run by Tourism New Zealand because it looks amazing! There are basically two trips you can choose from. The City Splendour or the Culture Kaboom.

The City Splendour involves dining out at the best restaurants, shopping, nights out and adventures in the big cities of New Zealand (Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland). While this definitely looks appealing, I decided to try to win the Culture Kaboom where you get to experience the gorgeous landscape and lovely locals of NZ. If you didn’t click the link above, do it! Check out how amazingly beautiful New Zealand is and you’ll see why I’d love to win! From the volcanos to the geysers to chillin’ with the locals- this definitely sounds like the trip of a lifetime. I absolutely love going on holidays  where I don’t feel like a massive tourist. Anyone can go to the big cities, stay in nice hotels and do all the touristy things the city has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I do love me a good luxury hotel and fine dining restaurant but I also love doing things that are off the beaten path. I want to do the things that the locals do. I want to visit places you don’t read about in travel books. Even when coming to Australia I wanted suggestions for things to experience from the locals who live here- that’s how I ended up meeting my husband! With the exception of squatting in holes to go to the toilet and eating bugs, I love to immerse myself in a new place and new culture.

So what did I do to enter? I had to say what I’d give up in order to win. Sure I could have given up my TV, my laptop or my phone… how boring and cliché. I would LOVE to give up Andrew’s Tennis racquets and sweaty gym towels but that would probably end our marriage. As I stood in the kitchen pondering what I could give up… I spotted it…

I’ll give up a Kiwi for a Kiwi.

I think it is clearly the most natural of choices. So if you have a spare minute, please go here and vote for my entry. By voting you also get a chance to win a second prize of flights for two to New Zealand!!

Thanks a bunch!
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