Ok I know I’m not blogging, but I’m too busy visiting family and friends but I thought I’d post about an interesting experience I had yesterday with a woman who is clearly an idiot.

I was at the nail shop getting a pedicure. I was chatting to the lady (well attempting to, her Vietnamese accent was pretty strong) and I mentioned that I moved to Australia.

She asked how long I had been there and I said almost 2 years.

Then she asked the following:

“Where in Australia you move, Toato”

I couldn’t understand her and so I was trying to think of all the cities in Australia that sounded like what she had just said. But then she cleared it up for me…

“Where in Australia you move, Toronto, Quebec?”

I didn’t even know how to reply at first. I was so amazed. It’s not like I told her I moved to Australia and she asked if? I am living in Vienna (Austria) which at least SOUNDS similar.

So I just replied, “No, I live in Sydney…Australia… not Canada”

Then the woman proceeded to scrub my feet with exfoliating scrub. Everyone knows the heels and balls of the feet are the roughest, so it’s a good thing she spent 2 minutes scrubbing my sensitive arches.

Seriously… what a moron!

5 thoughts on “A Lesson in Geography”

  1. That’s most Americans sweets…one of my friends thought New Zealand was an island off Canada, and another asked if Australia was anywhere near Amsterdam.

  2. Last time I checked, Vietnam was relatively close to Australia – making this awkward conversation even more uncomfortable.

  3. Lol – oh dear! I loved when we went to Austria they had tons of t-shirts for sale with a picture of a kangaroo with a circle around it and a line through the middle – saying ‘Austria – NOT Australia!’

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