Our birdies haven’t been around today. This has happened before- sometimes they don’t come all day and they are back the next day- no biggy. The only reason I’m a bit sad is because yesterday the boy bird (still haven’t named them) came to our balcony and started screaming for food. But he was all alone. No girlfriend with him. Where was she? They ALWAYS come together! Did he kill her? Seriously… he’s kind of mean to her and gets pissed if she comes to try to get food off the plate. She basically has to just eat the stuff he drops. Sometimes I try to feed her off on the side- just so he can’t steal it and then he gets all pissed and squawks at us both. Jerk. She really should find a new boyfriend- but regardless, where was she? Why was he alone? AND, why did he come screaming for food and then NOT eat the fruit that I put out there?? WTF? Too good for my grapes? They’ve always been happy with grapes in the past. I hope they are ok, I hope they come back to visit so my parents can see them next week.

NEXT WEEK!  yay parents are coming soon 🙂

I’ll tell you what I’m NOT concerned about… our neighbors. No, our neighbors are doing JUST fine. I know this because I can hear them having sex all the time. It usually starts with the rhythmic banging of their headboard against the wall, but then proceeds to other “more verbal” noises and sounds. They have this amazing ability to do it at 3am and other awful times of the night, but lately they’ve been sticking to the 10pm-12am time frame which means we hear them much more frequently. Yes, I think they are doing just fine.


The birdies were back. All is well again.

4 thoughts on “A Little Concerned”

  1. Oh my god, that cracks me up. Do they ever look embarrassed when you pass in the building?? They have to know people can hear them.

    I do hope little chicadee is okay. 🙁

  2. Haha, such a funny post, Elsja. Loves it. I still can’t get over the fact you have lorikeets that come to your window, and people have to pay to see them at the Aquarium in Cali.

    I bet people would laugh if there was a “lorikeet” exhibit at a Sydney Zoo or Aquarium, huh? It’d be like putting pigeons on display!

  3. oh man, i can totally hear my neighbor above me as well. sometimes it’s funny, other times i just annoyed and want to go knocking on his door.

    luckily, he is a two-pump-chump and it’s over within 5 mins. hhahahaha.

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